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Ash Ketchum Pokemon Halloween Costume 2019

Ash Ketchum Pokemon Halloween Costume

Ash Ketchum Pokemon Halloween Costume – Pokemon has always been a thriving franchise that has been able to last the test of time for over two decades now, but with the release of Pokémon Go, the favourite lead has seen a huge rise in popularity just in time for Halloween. For this reason many children, and even adults, will be hoping to put together an Ash Ketchum costume in time for their Halloween parties.

Ash Ketchum Pokemon Halloween CostumeLet’s start with the children. If your child is asking you for an Ash Ketchum costume, do not despair. As opposed to many other costumes that will be doing the rounds this year, the Ash Ketchum costume should not hit you wallet too harshly. To start, you need some blue jeans which you’ve likely got already, along with the black featureless top, both of which will be cheap if you don’t have them already. Then you’ll need some green gloves, another addition that shouldn’t cost too much. As for the trademark hat and blue waistcoat, you can either double down on the low cost option by buying something that looks similar, or if you have a bit of money to throw around, buy some merchandise online. Even if you don’t go for license merchandise, it shouldn’t be too much. You might be able to find something on a site like Etsy, perhaps a beautifully made replica produced by a die-hard fan. Pair all this with a Pokémon plush toy, maybe the child’s favourite, and you’ve got yourself a costume!

As for the adult, you can either follow the instructions above, or you can change it up a little bit, perhaps wearing jean shorts and nothing underneath the waistcoat for a more adult themed Ask Ketchum. If you want to kill two birds with one stone, you could even dress your child up as a Pokémon such as Pikachu, and carry them with you wherever you go.

Beyond the jeans, you’re unlikely to find much use out of this costume after Halloween as an adult, but don’t be surprised if your child refuses to take it off once Halloween has ended.

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