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Batman v Superman Dawn of Justice Costumes

Batman v Superman Dawn of Justice Costumes

Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice is a 2016 film that’s the second in the DC Extended Universe series. In the film, Batman and Superman are pitted against each other when Batman begins viewing Superman as an alien threat to the world.

Batman intends to steal and weaponized kryptonite for use against Superman. Although Superman is killed at the end of the film, the final scene shows the dirt beginning to levitate off of his coffin.

While Batman is seen almost as an antagonist in the movie, many fans believe he still remains a hero for trying to protect the city. When he’s not masquerading as the vigilante, Bruce Wayne is busy at his company Wayne Enterprises.

Batman Dawn of Justice Costumes

Child Dawn of Justice Armored Batman CostumeBatman v Superman Batman Costume

It’s one of the oldest companies in the DC Universe.In Dawn of Justice, Batman wears a suit made of fabric, instead of one made of armor, like in previous movies. For the Batman costume, you can purchase it either as fabric or as one designed to mimic the armored one.

You can buy the armored one with detailed chest padding or without. You can also get the fabric one with or without the chest padding. The costume is a jumpsuit with boot covers attached.

It also comes with a cape and belt. The mask differs from costume to costume and may be sold separately.If you have a child who wants to dress up as Batman for Halloween, you can purchase the child-size costume.

Dawn of Justice Superman Costume

Men’s Grand Heritage Superman CostumeDeluxe Child Superman Costume

These can also be bought in the armored or fabric style. They come with a cape and belt. The mask may be sold separately. While Batman may see Superman as a threat, he was only interested in saving people.

He uses his super strength and ability to fly to make the world a better place. Superman’s costume is a jumpsuit that can be purchased with or without the padding. The cape comes attached, and boot tops give the outfit a completed look.

Dawn of Justice Wonder Woman Costume

Child Wonder Woman CostumeWomen’s Grand Heritage Wonder Woman Costume

The mask is not included in some of the costumes. Wonder Woman is also a fan favorite from the movie. On her home island, her full name is Princess Diana of Themyscira, Daughter of Hippolyta, but most know her simply as Diana, or Wonder Woman.

In her origin story, her mother Hippolyta crafted her from clay, and Aphrodite granted her life. Aphrodite also gave Diana her superhuman powers, as a gift from the gods. In recent years, her story was changed to her being a daughter of Zeus and Hippolyta.

Dawn of Justice Aquaman Costume

Men’s Aquaman CostumeDeluxe Child Aquaman Costume

Her costume is the iconic top and skirt, as well as her arm gauntlets. The costume also includes her belt and arm band, and her tiara headpiece. It doesn’t include her sword, shield or her wig.

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