New Costumes for Halloween 2018

Big Hero 6 Costume

Big Hero 6 Costume

Big Hero 6 Costume – Baymax Costume, Hiro Costume, and Honey Lemon Costume

Big Hero 6 Costume – Are you looking for Big Hero 6 costume to amaze your friends and family for the next coming Halloween or costume party? If yes, then you are lucky enough to know that there are different options for you to choose from which includes white baymax costume, baymax red costume, honey lemon costume and hiro costume all available for both adults and toddlers. With this kind of costume, you will definitely become one of the best costume wearer in the event. If you need more information about these costumes, here will be discussed each of the costume’s description and the reasons why you should consider wearing it.

Baymax Costume

Baymax Inflatable Costume

Big hero 6 costume is definitely one of the most wanted costumes of today’s costume/cosplay events. Luckily, the costumes are now widely available and you are even presented with different options. The first costume that you would want to consider is the white baymax costume. With this kind of costume people will not be able to recognize you as this serve exactly as if you are a baymax mascot. By wearing this you will earn their respect because of your ambition and style. While wearing this costume, all you have to do is act exactly just like baymax by assessing the healthcare needs of everyone.

big hero 6 halloween costume

Hiro CostumeBaymax Red CostumeHoney Lemon Costume

Another Big hero 6 costume that everyone would want to haves is the red baymax costume. This costume is available and perfect both for adults with fun side and toddlers who are finding happiness by wearing costumes. In the movie, this red suit converted everyone’s favorite robot into a very serious machine for fighting with great karate moves. Baymax red costume has an air inflating fan that is battery operated that will allow you to look like an inflated, oversized robot which will definitely make everybody who sees you impressed. This costume includes 2 piece vacuform helmets, fabric turtleneck detachable collar, inflatable jumpsuit, and an inflating battery operated fan.

Big Hero 6 Costume

The last available big hero 6 costume is the deluxe hiro costume. Even though Big Hero 6 is a great movie and Baymax is a really popular character, some of you may still have not watched this yet and doesn’t know who Hiro is. For your information, Hiro Hamada is a 14-year old boy and the creator of Baymax. If you want to be as cool as Hiro Hamada, you can easily achieve it through the hiro costumes. This costume is available for toddler sizes only which will surely make them enjoy wearing this especially if they know the story of Big Hero 6.

If you want to have these costumes, it would be best to watch first the movie Big Hero 6 in order for you to experience the real happiness and excitement involved by wearing those.

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