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Bulbasaur Pokemon Halloween Costume 2019

Bulbasaur Pokemon Halloween Costume 2019

Bulbasaur Pokemon Halloween Costume 2019 – One of the most iconic animals/creatures amongst children is either the dragon or the dinosaur, and if you have any dino fans in your family, then you’re probably looking for something along those lines to choose from when it comes to their Halloween costume. We know that Pokemon are hugely popular at the moment, having had a resurgence since their mid-90s fame, and with Pokemon Go literally on most people’s phone, we know that Halloween is going to be a night of many Pokemon doing the rounds for real!

Bulbasaur Pokemon Halloween CostumeMany Pokemon look a little like dinosaurs in many ways, but Bulbasaur not only looks like one, but sounds like one too. If you choose a Bulbasaur outfit for your child’s Halloween option this year, then they will be bang on trend, and they will also love the fact they are running around dressed as a special kind of dinosaur!

The costume itself is made of plush fleece, for true comfort and warmth. There is a headpiece/hat, which has the iconic Bulbasaur face, with shown teeth for a little Halloween scaring, and there is a backpack which is easy to put on and take off, and is stuffable, depending on how high you want it/your child’s size.

Bulbasaur itself is not actually a turtle or a dinosaur, but a creature with a huge seed on its back, there from birth. When Bulbasaur grows, and as he/she basks in the sunlight, the seed grows, giving them important nutrients and vitamins, as well as giving strength in battle. The blue/green skin is set off by darker green patches on its face, with red eyes and pointy ears. Bulbasaur looks quite ferocious in many ways, and this is idea for Halloween with a fashionable, Pokemon vibe going on. This particular costume is also not a body suit like many of the Pokemon ones on offer, which means you can easily throw in some warmer clothes underneath, without your child getting overheated or irritated.

You will have many Pokemon options this Halloween, but Bulbasaur is a choice with a little difference, whilst also certainly looking the part.


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