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Charizard Pokemon Halloween Costume 2019

Charizard Pokemon Halloween Costume

Charizard Pokemon Halloween Costume – Not everyone wants to follow the crowd, however most kids will certainly love the opportunity to dress up as a Pokemon of any kind! The huge popularity of this game and TV series overall has been at the forefront of pushing the characters into the mainstream, and if your little ones don’t want to be Pikachu like all their friends, the next best option (and a firey one) is Charizard. If you haven’t downloaded Pokemon Go yet, then you certainly will be once you get involved in the background of this fun game.

Charizard Pokemon Halloween CostumeThe Charizard costume is a great option for your child’s Halloween choice for many reasons, but from a parenting point of view, the fleece jumpsuit means they will be warm on that chilly evening whilst they’re out Trick or Treating. The costume comes with the aforementioned jumpsuit, fleeced, which is bright orange with a yellow belly. There are attached wings, which your little ones will love flapping around and pretending to fly, and these are blue and orange, for ease of spotting your kids whilst they’re out and about! There is also a detachable tail for swishing around like a dragon.

Speaking of dragons, Charizard is known in Japanese as Lizardon, which, as you can guess, means lizard or dragon. Charizard comes in two forms, Charizard X and Mega Charizard Y, and is known as being a cool and hip Pokemon – if you have fashion forward children, who don’t really want to do the cute and cuddly Pokemon option, then Charizard is a great go-to. Those wings are great for imaginations, pretending to fly and look for other Pokemon to interact with, however the character is known to get angry from time to time, which fits in with the Halloween vibe.

There is plenty of fun to have had from this Charizard costume, and whilst many don’t come with the hat attached, this can be bought separately, which a) keeps your little one warm, and b) really sets off the outfit and makes your child feel like they truly are Charizard, flying high and being the fierce dragon they all known and love.

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