New Costumes for Halloween 2018

Cinderella Movie 2015 Costume


Cinderella Movie 2015 Costume – Magic is tucked in children’s all-time favorite Disney princess. And there is one moment that every kid marveled throughout the story, when Fairy Godmother granted Cinderella her eventual wish to be present at the ball. It’s all about the magnificent transformation from those gorgeous gowns, to glass slippers, to the pumpkin carriage that captures everyone’s imagination.

The excitement levels up with the newest made live-action Cinderella where the princess journey is more visually stunning than before. Thanks to award winner designer Sandy Powell, Cinderella 2015 costumes were made into reality. Everything was made incredibly gorgeous.


Every costume is so magical and striking that you ever wanted to wear it yourself. Then wish granted! Get started with your own magical journey to the happily ever after with a dreamy collection of glitzy gowns and glass slippers which any real blue princess would love.

Cinderella dresses are available for all kids as well as for kids at heart. From costumes of belle in the ball, real blue shimmering gown with all the details similar with what Cinderella has worn, Cinderella child Costume, to the fairy godmother Costume, dress of Lady Tremaine, Cinderella’s wedding dress, to the accessories such as the fairy godmothers comb and wand, gloves and tiara, everything is accessible.


Lady Tremaine Prestige CostumeFairy Godmother CostumeDrisella Costume – Anastasia Costume

And since your fairy godmother wants you to be incredibly happy, she make sure that everyone, from all ages to all sizes can dress like a real princess. There are dresses and Cinderella slippers for both prince and princesses, even for toddlers and infants as well as for those with plus sizes.

There are also Halloween costume ideas 2018 that will surely make you stunning in a Halloween costume party. Every dress in the collection will surely impress even those toughest critic. You can experience the look and feel of Cinderella in the story told. You will make your stepmother and stepsister green with envy.


All of these costumes are especially designed to look like the real one. This will let you have a magical moment like this Disney’s most loved fairy tale princess. This is magic turn into reality. With a whip of the fairy’s wand, you can be caught up into that magical moment meet, and dance with the prince. Fortunately, there will be no wicked stepmother and evil stepsister that will ruin the fun, but well since there are costumes for the antagonist, you could choose being that wicked and evil characters.

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