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Deadpool Halloween Costume 2019

Deadpool Halloween Costume

Deadpool Halloween Costume – Superheroes come in many different guises, be it Superman, Batman, Cat Woman, Wonder Woman, or Spiderman, but one of the most recent and most humourous superheroes to grace our screens has to be Deadpool. The huge success of the film has made this go mainstream, and you can bet your bottom dollar that this Halloween there will be several Deadpools out on the loose around parties and streets that particular night!

Deadpool Halloween CostumeOf course, dressing as Deadpool is going to require a certain amount of patience, especially when trying to go to the toilet! This is a full body, spandex outfit, with a mask, and it is certainly skin tight, so don’t expect much in the way of forgiveness! The plus point however is that you will get everything you need when you buy the costume as a package, so no need to put it together yourself. If you want to add accessories, which may or may not be included, then really all you need is the sword holster, to give it a bit of extra authenticity oomph. Of course, if you feel a little suffocated, you don’t have to wear the mask, but it really would ruin the look.

Deadpool himself is played by Ryan Reynolds, and is actually a character called Wade Wilson. Wilson works for the Special Forces and he is captured by evil scientist Ajax, who turns him into Deadpool after a series of experiments. What is left is a hugely funny hero with accelerated healing powers. You can certainly have some fun with this outfit, studying the moves and one-liners beforehand and putting them into action on the night as you transform yourself into Deadpool himself – ideal party fodder!

Of course, children can dress up as Deadpool too, and there are adult and child costumes available for purchase.

Deadpool is a costume that is really designed to make people laugh, rather than scare people, and that is great for door to door trick or treating too, because you will have your residents in stitches as they laugh at you – hey, they might even give you an extra treat as a result! Kids will certainly pull this role off well too, grabbing more than a few laughs. Halloween doesn’t have to be scary all the time!

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