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Deadshot Suicide Squad Halloween Costume 2019

Deadshot Suicide Squad Halloween Costume

Deadshot Suicide Squad Halloween Costume – Suicide Squad is coming soon and with the film’s release comes a desire to dress up like the main characters, especially on the Halloween night. One of the stand out characters from the trailer so far is Deadshot, Will Smith’s marksman that spends most of the film in a single costume that can be sorted out if you’re either on a budget or dealing with a large amount of money.

Deadshot Suicide Squad Halloween CostumeLike with many of the characters in the upcoming film, you’ll have to start out with the gun, which is a substantial sniper rifle when it comes to Deadshot, along with a gun holster for a pistol slung on his side. Before we get into the actual clothes you’ll be buying, also note that you need to pick up a can of silver spray pain which we’ll get to later. Now, as for the clothes that you need, you’re going to be spending most of Halloween in a mixture of sports and protective clothing, including a thin tee, cargo pants, sports gloves and combat boots, all of which should be black. On top of that goes red on black shin pads, black knee pads and a black protective vest. We’re working on everything from the neck up now, which includes a white balaclava and golden cross. You use the spray paint on a black combat mask which will be going over the top of your balaclava, but let it dry first obviously. While this is the full costume, we would suggest that you may want to leave out the headgear as it will get quite hot in there, and Deadshot has been seen in the various adverts without the headgear, so you’ll still be authentic.

If you’re a sports fan, there’s a chance you’ve already got some of this stuff lying around, or at least have a good excuse for using after Halloween is over. Otherwise, there’s plenty of options online where you can find some great costume ideas to head to the party as Deadshot for this Halloween

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