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Eevee Pokemon Halloween Costume 2019

Eevee Pokemon Halloween Costume 2019

Eevee Pokemon Halloween Costume 2019 – Not every Halloween costume has to be ferocious and dripping in blood and gore, because there is often a subtler approach, which works fantastically well for children when choosing an outfit. Pokemon is huge at the moment, and this year you are sure to find countless Pokemon running around the streets on Halloween night, looking for tricks and treats – it will almost be like a real Pokemon Go game! Maybe you have a budding Pokemon fan in your family, or a long-standing one, and in that case, you’ll be spoilt for choice this Halloween.

Eevee Pokemon Halloween CostumeIf your small child is looking for a Pokemon costume, and doesn’t really want to go down the Pikachu route, Eevee is a great option. This cute, fox-like creature looks almost like a cat in a lot of ways, with bushy, brown fur, a cute tail, and a small, black nose. The costume itself will keep your child warm, as with many of the Pokemon costumes, which are made of fleece material and are almost like body suits, so you can be sure that nobody is going to get cold whilst out and about on Halloween evening. Whilst cute in appearance, Eevee can be fierce, like most Pokemon, and when it comes to trick or treating, this is a great defence mechanism – treat of a cute fox at your door, or trick as a snarling one! The choice is trick or treat!

Eevee is one of the countless different species of Pokemon which have evolved from the anime TV show, and then into mainstream video games since 1996. Developed in Japan, Pokemon has become hugely popular across the world, and the recent Pokemon Go game has thrown in the extra of trying to get players out and about and active, looking for Pokemon around their local community. Eevee is known for his/her ability to run fast, so your little ones can use this known skill as part of their costume armoury, running away from other Pokemon that they may encounter during the evening trick or treating!

Eevee is a great choice for something a little different in the Pokemon line.

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