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Katana Suicide Squad Halloween Costume 2019

Katana Suicide Squad Halloween Costume

Katana Suicide Squad Halloween Costume – The character of Katana is the only one who has seemed to have two costumes, although one of them is clearly more consistent. While it’s unlikely you’ll be able to get this one pitch perfect without throwing out some dough, it’s understandable why people would want to dress up as Katana for Halloween. She’s been less-sexualised and the way she holds herself seems like the perfect way for people to come off as total badass this Halloween.

Katana Suicide Squad Halloween CostumeThe reason that Katana is a difficult costume to get together without some disposable income is down to her having a pretty unique mask and jacket that you’ll probably need to buy from somewhere on the internet, unless you have skills at making either of these things. Her white half mask with red dot could likely be replicated with some moderate effort, but her jacket is really just something you either will be able to get or won’t. Either way, her mask is the far more iconic of the two items, so it’s not something to worry about. Underneath the jacket you’ll be wearing a white crop tank top which goes with a red karate belt and a pair of leather fingerless gloves. For the bottom half of your body you’re looking at some tight leather jeans along with a pair or black combat boots, preferably as shiny as your pants. Then, it’s time to sort out your weapon. Katana, as her name would suggest, has the famous Japanese sword with her at all times, but that’s pretty unlikely to be lying around your house, so you can always go with a fake win. Spring for a fairly decent sheath to have across your back and then it won’t matter how lame the sword inside is, or if there even is one in there!

Even if you don’t enjoy the idea of wearing any of this clothing after Halloween night, there’ll be someone out there who will. Either sell them on or keep them for next year to put with a different costume.

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