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Killer Croc Suicide Squad Halloween Costume 2019

Killer Croc Suicide Squad Halloween Costume

Killer Croc Suicide Squad Halloween Costume – So you’ve decided that out of all the Suicide Squad members you just had to be Killer Croc? Well, either you’re going to have to get inventive here or be a world class makeup artist, but no matter what you do we’re sure it’ll be good enough to see you through Halloween. That being said, we’d be surprised if you couldn’t find some use out of the clothing we’ll be getting together, so it’s not all bad news.

Killer Croc Suicide Squad Halloween CostumeKiller Croc is a fairly simple costume, starting with 12 eye boots that come above your ankle in black, a pullover hoodie, black cargo pants and a specific jacket for Croc that was made for the upcoming film. Even if you don’t get the jacket, it doesn’t matter because the main part of your costume will be exactly how you figure out what to make your skin look like. If you had to pick any of these clothes, we’d say that the pullover hoodie has made the biggest impression in the trailers as the suicide squad member is obsessed with making sure nobody can see him due to the grotesque skin on his face. Now we get to the real meat of it, and this one comes down to your creativity. You could buy yourself a mask for Killer Croc that I’m sure will be coming out officially but someone will have already made them online. You could also work out some form of makeup for yourself, especially if you have the knowledge to sort it out yourself.

There isn’t a lot that goes into this costume, as the film focuses mainly on the skin of Killer Croc rather than the clothes he’s wearing. The upside of this is that the clothes are relatively inoffensive, so we doubt there is anybody out there who wouldn’t be able to use them after Halloween, meaning the money you spent on them won’t be a complete waste. Even if you just use them to sit around the house in, you’ll know that you’re getting your money’s worth.

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