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Kylo Ren Star Wars – The Force Awakens Halloween Costume 2019

Kylo Ren Star Wars-The Force Awakens Halloween Costume 2019

Kylo Ren Star Wars – The Force Awakens Halloween Costume 2019 – Halloween is a time for finding a costume that is a little bit different to the mainstream – if you’re sick of wearing the same blood-dripping, gory plastic mask, or you’ve had enough of witches and ghosts, it’s time to turn to the TV and big screen for inspiration on something a little different. There is certainly plenty of choice on offer, but what do you choose?

Kylo Ren Star Wars - The Force Awakens Halloween CostumeWe know that Star Wars is hugely popular, and the characters are simply made for Halloween. If you watched Star Wars: The Force Awakens back in 2015 then you will be aware of a new character, named Kylo Ren. Little boys (and some girls too) will love dressing up as this iconic character, strong in The Force! Star Wars is certainly not just for one gender or age group, and is recognizable to everyone, whether a fan or not – this is an aim of any Halloween costume.

Kylo Ren is a dark warrior, a former Jedi trainee under the watchful eye of his uncle, the famous Luke Skywalker – his costume is equally dark and iconic too. Kids and adults alike will find this costume great for Halloween night, and it comes with a mask, gloves, lightsabre, and the actual body outfit itself, which is flowing and lightweight. This has many advantages, because you can wear warmer clothes underneath, without overheating or feeling a little too ‘done up’ as you can in some bodysuit-type costumes. Some helmets also come with a voice changer, which your kid will absolutely love, as they knock at doors and say “trick or treat” in that famous deep voice!

This costume is a must for Star Wars fans, and also something a little different to the regular ghosts and ghouls dress up that you see walking around the streets on that famous, dark night. The double advantage is that you can buy this costume for Halloween but you can also use it as a toy/dress up during normal times, as this is something your children can play with endlessly, not only for Halloween.

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