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Pikachu Pokemon Halloween Costume 2019

Pikachu Pokemon Halloween Costume

Pikachu Pokemon Halloween Costume – One of the most popular Halloween costumes this year is undoubtedly going to be Pokemon related, and if you want to dress your child up in what is the arguably the ‘best’ Pokemon of them all, then it has to be the undeniably cute, but equally as fierce, Pikachu.

Pikachu Pokemon Halloween CostumePokemon was huge back in the 90s, but has shown a resurgence recently with the release of the iconic Pokemon Go game; this means that there is no better time than to choose the most on-trend costume.

The Pokemon costume is bright, colourful, and actually quite warm for your children to wear on those chilly Halloween evenings. Bright yellow, this means they will be seen from a distance, which is great for safety, and it comes with an attached lightning bolt-shaped tail, and a hat. The great news is that this costume can also be hand washed, which cuts out any stain or mishap problems!

Pokemon is the central character in the Pokemon games and TV series, which originated in Japan as part of an anime series. You could argue that Pokemon make anime go mainstream, and Pikachu is certainly the most famous of them all. The show took its major fame back in 1996 in Japan, which quickly spread across Europe and the world. Pokemon, and indeed Pikachu, are creatures which are mouse-like, and although appearing cute, certainly have a fighting edge. They have black-tipped ears and red spots on their cheeks, which spark with electricity when they are mad or fighting, or even interacting with other Pokemon; although your child’s costume certainly won’t do that, they can pretend, which pushes imagination and your children will love pretending to be Pokemon themselves.

Pikachu himself is a small creature, although your little Pikachu certainly won’t be as small as the actual character. The attached tail is shaped like a lightning bolt, which they will love swishing around and pretending to spark thunder and lightning. Put simply, this is a bang on trend costume for your kids to enjoy this Halloween, whilst also having a rather cute appearance at the same time – who said Halloween had to be actually scary?!

Pikachu Pokemon Costumes

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