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Squirtle Pokemon Halloween Costume 2019

Squirtle Pokemon Halloween Costume

Squirtle Pokemon Halloween Costume – If you are looking for a cute outfit for this Halloween, but one which has a scary attack element, then this is the one. There is undeniably nothing cuter than a young child dressed up as a turtle, but we also know that young children can be fierce themselves, just like little Squirtle!

Squirtle Pokemon Halloween CostumeSquirtle is one of the Pokemon characters which was in the Japanese anime series in the 90s, and has made it into the new Pokemon Go game, which has taken of massively this year. Pokemon may be generally known as cute characters which seek out interaction with other Pokemon, whilst also defending themselves from attack, but they are also present in different forms, such as lizards, dragons, and this cute little fellow, a turtle.

This particular outfit is fantastic as a Halloween choice for many reasons, not only its appearance. The shell covers the back with a fleece bodysuit for the rest of it, and a hat for keeping those heads and ears warm in cool temperatures. The shell and tail add to the fun of the costume too.

Squirtle is known for his natural ability to shoot water out of his mouth, which is where his main form of attack lies – this means that your little ones can play with that and have fun on Halloween evening, as well as using the shell as protection, to hide from potential “attacks”. This is a costume which allows for imagination and games too, which could be further reaching than just Halloween. Appearance-wise, Squirtle has a brown shell with blue head, legs, feet, and tail, and a yellow belly. The costume is plush and warm, again, and is actually one of the most adorable costumes available in the Pokemon range – this is best suited to small children, such as toddlers.

Many will choose a more well-known Pokemon character to dress up as, such as Pikachu, which his undoubtedly the most famous, but Squirtle is a fantastic choice as something different, something to surprise people (which is the main point of Halloween), and also fantastic for smaller children.

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